The Dutch Association for Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery started offering fellowships in 2007. In 2019 the whole structure was incorporated in to the ISAPS fellowship program. ISAPS now offers 8 fellowships lasting 6 months and 20 fellowships lasting 3 months each. Applicants are assumed to already have a basic knowledge of Facial Plastic Surgery. A background in Plastic Surgery is therefore considered to be essential for those applying, since the fellowship will only be useful if you can build on an already thorough knowledge of both theoretical and practical Plastic Surgical principles. In this way the fellow will be able to focus on the subject matters in a most efficient manner and, as a result, drastically shortening his or her learning curve.

The fellowship covers all aspects of Facial Plastic Surgery:

  • Congenital
  • Reconstructive
  • Aesthetic

The fellowship offers hands-on experience, with scrubbing in when possible. It needs not further explanation that this of course depends on factors like the case, the indication, your experience/skills and the rules set by medical authorities. In either case though, we are convinced that the exposure to different aspects of plastic surgery of the face in this fellowship program will be unsurpassed and difficult to come by in any other setting.

The focus of each of our participating units differs. If for instance you spend three months in the Netherlands, you will be able to choose a reconstructive focus or a more aesthetic of your fellowship, based on the surgical activity in the participating Hospitals and private clinics in the Rotterdam area. This would either be in the childrens hospital and the adult hospital, or in the private practise where Dr Jacques van der Meulen, who is supervising this part of the fellowship, by now spends the majority of his time. In London you will be based at the Royal Free NHS hospital, while you will be able to join consultants on their lists in regional private hospitals. In Montreux, Ghent, Salo and Vienna the focus will be on aesthetic surgery, in Stuttgart it will more committed towards the nose. Please visit the respective pages of the participating units to get an idea out what you can expect there and what they specialise in.

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