1. HouseThe Radetzky villa in Vienna, where Dr Klepetko (breast and facelift surgery) and Dr van der Meulen (rhinoplasty and facelift surgery) run their practise, is located in the former residence of Marshall Radetzky. Situated in the hilly suburbs of Austria’s capital Vienna, this clinic has positioned itself on the higher end of the aesthetic surgery market. The whole range of facial, breast and contouring surgery is performed here, including the added spectrum of injectables and thread lifts.

2. Waiting room 1The Worseg clinics is a well established name in Vienna. As many as six plastic surgeons perform aesthetic surgery here on a daily basis, right in the center of the beautiful city of Vienna.

Practical issues

The international airport of Schwechat lies 20min by taxi from the Radetzky villa, which lies in the charming wine village of Grinzing, overlooking Vienna. Fellows will have to secure their own accommodation but will be provided with a bicycle to get around. Their time is divided between the two clinics according to programs and availability.