Professor Dr Wolfgang Gubisch has qualified in both ENT and Plastic Surgery, which makes him especially well equipped for the focus on rhinoplasties which he adds to in this fellowship program. With the help of Dr Helmut Fischer and Sebastian Haack he runs a very tidy and well established department that has been committed to the surgical care of the nose for many years now. This is expressed for instance in the yearly international rhinoplasty course he has been organising since 1992.

The Marienhospital is situated just south to the center of Stuttgart, the city know for being the home to Mercedes Benz and Porsche and for its mineral baths. The hospital was build in 1890, is linked to the University of Tübingen and currently has 784 beds in 17 departments. 111 of those beds are in the Plastic Surgery department. The facial part of the department has a strong focus on the nose.

Practical issues

The airport of Stuttgart is located 13km south of the city. The hospital has accommodation for fellows at a reasonable rate, but they have to be booked well ahead of time in order to be available. Due to strict local regulations fellows can not scrub in with procedures, but the high workload and the willingness to teach easily make up for it in the long run. This is a place with an international reputation in rhinoplasty that has been right up there for decades now, for a good reason.