A total of 8 units in 5 different countries are associated with our fellowships.

1. The Netherlands

2. Gent, Belgium

3. London, United Kingdom

4. Montreux, Switzerland

  • LaClinic: a leading private clinic on the shore of lake Geneva: Dr Michel Pfulg & Dr Serge Lȇ Huu

5. Stuttgart, Germany

  • Marien Hospital: a unit largely devoted to rhinoplasty: Professor Wolfgang Gubisch & Dr Helmut Fischer

6. Köln, Germany

  • Wesseling Hospital: a general plastic surgery unit under the guidance of an ISAPS board member: Dr Dirk Richter

7. Vienna, Austria

  • The Radetzky villa: a state of the art private clinic doing a wide variety of facial plastic surgery: Dr Heike Klepetko & dr Jacques van der Meulen

8. Trissur, India

9. Istanbul, Turkey

  • Nazim Cerkes: the worlds leading experts in rhinoplasty: Dr Nazim Cerkes & Dr Nuri Celik

10. Tehran, Iran

  • The worlds capital of rhinoplasty under the inspiring guidance of Dr Babak Nikoumaram

Please visit the respective pages to read more about these units.