There are two fellowship opportunities in Rotterdam. The reconstructive one is located at the Erasmus Medical University hospital and provides fellows with a wide range of facial plastic surgery: paediatric surgery in the childrens hospital (craniofacial and cleft care) and reconstructive surgery in the adult hospital (oncological reconstructions).

The Erasmus Medical University hospital is the largest of the eight university medical centers in the Netherlands. All divisions of the Erasmus MC are housed in the Hoboken district in the center of Rotterdam.


The hospital houses 50 departments, more than 650 medical specialists and 1221 beds. With 61 beds it for instance contains the largest paediatric intensive care unit in the whole of Europe.

The plastic surgery department deals with approximately 35 theater lists each week. The Dutch Craniofacial Unit is operating from within the Sophia Childrens Hospital and sees approximately 100 new craniosynostosis cases and 80 new cleft cases each year. The three plastic surgeons in this unit perform two to three transcranial cases per week. On the adult side several micro-reconstructive procedures are performed each week.

Practical issues
Rotterdam is a 20min train ride away from the national airport of Schiphol (near the city of Amsterdam). Rotterdam is a sizeable but safe international city, where it is not difficult to find accommodation for the period of a few months.

The Dutch medical authorities however are strict, so they only allow doctors from abroad to enter their hospitals after MRSA swabs and TBC tests are proven negative, and sufficient anti-hepatitis blood levels. Expect this process to take 3-5 days, before you are allowed to join the clinical care hands-on. After that however, scrubbing in is often possible, of course depending on each individual case and ability.