There are two fellowship opportunities in Rotterdam. The aesthetic one provides fellows with the complete range of facial aesthetic surgery in the busiest private clinic in and around the city of Rotterdam; The Velthuis clinics. This clinic is part of a chain of aesthetic surgery clinics in the Netherlands, where Dr Stevens and Dr van der Meulen offer the all sorts of aesthetic procedures on a daily basis, with an emphasis on facial surgery. Fellows get the opportunity to witness different techniques and indications in high frequency. They are actively involved in the surgeries performed by these committed surgeons.

Practical issues
Rotterdam is a 20min train ride away from the national airport of Schiphol (near the city of Amsterdam). Rotterdam is a sizeable but safe international city, where it is not difficult to find accommodation for the period of a few months.

The Dutch medical authorities however are strict, so they only allow doctors from abroad to enter their hospitals after MRSA swabs and TBC tests are proven negative, and sufficient anti-hepatitis blood levels. Make sure you bring a very recent (read: not older then 2 weeks before the start of the fellowship) MRSA culture result with you in order to be able to start the fellowship immediately. Failure to do so will result in a delay of 3-5 days before you are allowed to join the clinical care hands-on. After that however, scrubbing in is often possible, of course depending on each individual case and ability.