The Great Ormond Street NHS hospital is a large childrens hospital located in the center of the city of London. Dr Addie Grobbelaar is part of the craniofacial team there as he focusses on facial palsy and reanimation, building on from his pioneering predecessor Dr Douglas Harrison.

Practical issues

London has three international airports who are all located about 30-60 minutes outside the city center. Transportation to the center is well sorted.

A total of 8 plastic surgeons work in this renowned childrens hospital, which is known for its state of the art craniofacial work, including ear reconstructions and cleft care. The fellow is invited to participate in all these activities and so will be exposed to a wide range of congenital facial plastic surgery. Fellows are invited to join the staff surgeons on their private lists during the week. Most fellows find their own place to stay in the city.

Be aware though; in order to scrub in one must acquire the General Medical Council registration. See our links page for further information on this.