Ghent, located in Belgium, is home to the two prestigious private clinics of Dr Tonnard and Verpaele.

Dr Tonnard and Verpaele have pioneered the concept of a Minimal Access Short Scar face lift, which has gained popularity under the name of the MACS lift. They published two books on the subject and are well known guests on many international conferences. Another subject they have focussed on over recent years is lipofilling of the face. In their clinics however, the whole range of cosmetic plastic surgery is performed.



Practical issues

Both doctors divide their time over two locations in the medieval city of Ghent. The clinic in the city center is called the “Coupure centrum, while E:MC2 is located 14km south of Gent. Fellows are invited to stay at their apartment for a small fee and get a car at their disposal to travel between the two clinics.