The medical university hospital in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The private clinic in Rotterdam (Dr Klepetko and van der Meulen)

The private clinic in The Hague (Dr Stevens)

The private clinics in Gent (Dr Tonnard and Verpaele)

The general hospital in London (Dr Grobbelaar)

The four private clinics in London

The General Medical Council, for obtaining your doctors registration in the UK

The private clinic in Montreux (Dr Pflug and Lȇ Huu)

The rhinoplasty department in Stuttgart (Professor Gubisch and Dr Fischer)

The hospital where Dr Richter holds his practise

The cleft surgery department in Thrissur (Dr Adenwalla and Dr Narayanan)

The private practise at the Radetzky villa in Vienna (Dr Klepetko and Dr van der Meulen)

The Worseg practice in Vienna

The private practice of Dr Botti in Salo, Italy

A site with an extensive overview of many facial plastic surgery subjects