Surgery of the face has evolved into a separate entity within the field of Plastic surgery. The plastic surgeon of today must be able to handle a wide range of technical challenges that can be encountered in this specific anatomical area.

It is however not enough to just be able to master the techniques. Only in combination with a sound judgement is it possible to achieve consistently predictable and high level results.

The Dutch Association for Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery was founded in order to channel the growing surgical interest in the face. The association aims to achieve and maintain the highest (inter)national standards in both theory and practice of facial plastic surgery. This is most fittingly demonstrated by the practical state of the art teaching, which is given within these fellowships. Since the start of the fellowships in 2007 the program has evolved into an international structure which meanwhile includes a wide range of experts, locations and countries. In 2019 this extensive fellowship structure was incorporated into the ISAPS fellowship program.


ISAPS meanwhile offers 52 fellowships of 3 months each. Some of these can be extended to a total of 6 months. Please visit our page on practical issues to find out more on who will be eligible for this extension. When selected, fellows are offered a location based on preference, availabilities and visa requirements. Currently the following units have committed to our program:

  • Austria, Vienna: Dr. Klepetko, Dr. Worseg
  • Belgium, Ghent: Dr. Verpaele, Dr. Tonnard
  • Germany, Köln: Dr. Richter, Dr. Wagner
  • Germany, Stuttgart: Prof. Gubisch, Dr. Haack
  • India, Trissur: Dr. Adenwalla, Dr. Narayanan
  • Italy, Salo: Dr. Botti
  • Iran, Tehran: Dr. Nikoumaram
  • Ireland, Dublin: Dr. Murray
  • Switzerland, Montreux: Dr. Pfulg, Dr. Lȇ Huu
  • The Netherlands, Rotterdam (Aesthetic): Dr. Stevens, Dr. van der Meulen
  • The Netherlands, Rotterdam (Reconstructive): Dr. Versnel, Dr. Mureau, Prof. Mathijssen
  • Turkey, Istanbul: Dr. Cerkes, Dr. Celik
  • United Kingdom, London: Dr. Bulstrode, Prof Dunaway, Dr. Kangesu, Dr. Grobbelaar

Who can apply?

You can apply if you are a resident in the last year of your plastic surgical training program or if you’ve recently finished it (max 2 years ago at the time of start of the fellowship).


Every year, many junior doctors from all over the world apply for one of our fellowships. If you are interested, then please make sure to keep the deadlines in mind and to use the proper application forms. You are advised to read the information on the website carefully, in order to get a clear idea and prevent disappointment in the process. For more information on these fellowships, please click here

The DAFPRS fellowships
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